We have the experience, the professional team and the technology that make possible the concrete advancement of your upcoming projects under strict quality conditions.

We have a vast amount of state-of-the-art machining and precision equipment, and we carry out an exhaustive monitoring of the project from the beginning to the end of its production, while guaranteeing our commitment by means of our after-sales service.

  • Special tailor-made manufacture.
  • Machines, equipment and devices.
  • Shells, core forms and molds.
  • Special die and mold making.
  • 4th- or 5th-axis rotary tables.
  • Machining and assembly area: covered area of 3552 square feet, including direct assistance layout from machines to assembly line.
  • Welding area: covered area of 1076 square feet.
  • Painting area: covered area of 2153 square feet enabling to house large projects, plus a drying furnace which allows meeting deadlines regardless of weather conditions.